A New Name Brings Sharper Focus

Posted by Knight Stivender on May 19, 2016 1:05:11 PM
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Notice the new name and logo at the top of our website? 

Our team of data analysts, marketing strategists, mathematicians, programmers, and technologists is now going by a name worthy of that which sets us apart from other agencies. 

We are now Alcott Marketing Science. 

It might be counter-intuitive to ask our right-brained creative director what he thinks about this, but Ted McCoig nailed it. 

"Science is all about experimentation, and that’s how I see science and creativity overlapping," said Ted, who has been working with agency founder Jim Alcott for almost 20 years.  

"Science is how our agency has evolved. It's what truly separates us from other agencies. It is what we do best." 

With our new name, our commitment is to be more sharply focused on – indeed – what we do best. Here is our promise, in five points:


  • We will begin with data. We dive deeper than other firms to build strategy that connects with scientific precision.
  • We will help you as the science directs. Using data as a strategic roadmap, we will help identify smart opportunities for customer acquisition, cross-selling, onboarding, retention, engagement, communication, site-selection, etc. 
  • We will execute with excellence. An experienced creative and operations team will deliver flawlessly on the strategy revealed by data-driven insights. 
  • We will measure as we go. We will calculate and recalibrate as we deliver quantifiable campaigns to deliver the best ROI. If it can't be measured, we won't do it. 
  • We will uphold our commitment to corporate responsibility. We boldly donate 50% of our annual profits to charitable causes chosen by our own employees. We use marketing science to do good work – and good deeds. 

Creative draft of our new tshirt design.

As of today, we are Alcott Marketing Science.  

Let us show you what we can do. 

Or hey – better yet? Let us prove it!  

With science.


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