Takeaways from college admissions webinar

Posted by Rebecca Brown on Jul 20, 2016 9:46:48 AM
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Last week we held a webinar called "How to Make Student Search Smarter", which centered on student search for college admissions officers and marketers.

In recent years, changes in technology, common mobile apps, and the trends detailed in this post have left student recruiters spending too much time and money marketing to students who may not fit their requirements or have little interest in actually attending their school. 

Our webinar, which was conducted by agency owner Jim Alcott, focused on how data science and analytics can help solve this problem. 

Our key takeaway was this: If schools want to improve their student search process, they should think beyond the typical student recruitment approach. 

By implementing these strategies, schools can make their student search smarter: 

  • Reshape student search efforts around matriculation instead of application 

  • Analyze household-specific data (don't stop with geographic clusters based on census tracts or demographic clusters), and use predictive modeling to optimize your search efforts

  • Implement lead scoring to expand your measurement of engagement, and make sure to apply a mathematically sound approach to your scoring

Think you missed out? You're in luck. We recorded our presentation for you to watch at your convenience.

Watch the webinar now!

If you need help with any of the strategies we discussed, or would simply like to learn more, feel free to talk to us!

Topics: big data, analytics, Higher Education