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Now Is The Time For One To One Marketing

Posted by Mark Gibson September 06, 2016 05:07:00 PM


First, some business trivia. Who invented the term “one-to-one marketing”, and when was it introduced? 

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How To Calculate Your Optimal Brand Investment

Posted by Mark Gibson August 19, 2016 01:19:00 PM

Most of us struggle to measure the impact of our brand efforts, and therefore have a difficult time justifying a budget increase.  In this post, we'll discover why strong brands make more money, and how to determine the right amount to spend to create a strong brand.

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The Seven Imperatives for Marketing Planning in 2017

Posted by Mark Gibson August 16, 2016 03:08:00 PM


With over half of 2016 behind us, we have now entered planning season. Have you started thinking about your goals for next year? As you begin to piece together your next marketing plan, here are seven key imperatives to keep in mind for 2017: 

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Who is your audience? Can you really answer that question?

Posted by Mark Gibson July 29, 2016 05:03:00 PM


I recently had a fascinating discussion with my cousin, Katie Quinn -- of Today Show, Serious Eats, and QKatie You Tube fame.  She has built a nice following of 150,000 food and travel fanatics, and is wondering where to "take" them.  We talked about defining a "Mission" or Purpose for her channel, defining her Brand Position, and then we got to her "Primary Customer."

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Are CMOs overconfident about digital marketing?

Posted by Mark Gibson July 12, 2016 05:45:00 PM

Either CMOs are overconfident about their grasp of digital marketing, or they are doing a poor job communicating their plans to the C-Suite.  

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Community Banks' Competitive Advantage Slips Away

Posted by Mark Gibson July 12, 2016 05:10:00 PM


The latest J.D. Power satisfaction results are like a “shot across the bow” for America’s community banks. For the first time, the nation’s largest bank customers have rated their service higher than regional and mid-sized banks, long known for superior customer service.

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Bank marketers: Grab your seat at the table

Posted by Mark Gibson July 12, 2016 04:21:00 PM


Many organizations treat strategic planning either as a necessary evil or as a financial exercise that’s done once a year. This presents an opportunity for all marketers who may or may not have a seat at the planning table today.

Strategic planning should be a never-ending process, not a single event. If a muscle doesn’t get exercised regularly, it gets weak and flabby, and the planning muscle is no different.

I like to think of strategic planning as a year long effort that starts in January or February, and finishes when the executive team involves the board in November or December. It should start out broadly at the beginning of the year, with executives and managers carefully assessing the environment for challenges, opportunities and new ideas. You want to both look in the rearview mirror and peer as far as you can through the windshield. The year should also begin with a healthy dose of looking in the mirror, or self-assessment. As the year unfolds, the planning process narrows gradually like a funnel, and by late summer and early fall, executives and management are working together to determine what the strategic priorities will be, and what programs and tactics will be implemented to achieve them.

If your organization doesn’t start planning until later in the year, that presents a unique opportunity for you to insert yourself in the process and create a significant role for yourself. Peter Drucker’s Five Questions provides an excellent framework for looking in the mirror, and I’ve had success using it to link marketing to strategic planning in the eyes of the CEO and CFO. How? Just look at the questions!

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