A friendly hello: Using timely, relevant marketing automation to tell customers what to expect

Posted by Rebecca Brown on Nov 22, 2016 11:00:01 AM
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Onboarding new customers can be tricky. You want to prove your value by being friendly and providing good information, but you don't want it to be too much too quickly. Here are some good ways to welcome new customers to your product or service without overwhelming them. Think of it like getting to know a new friend.  
One of our favorite examples of customer onboarding is from our friends at Emma Email Marketing. They used this email series from Thistle Farms in a recent presentation to demonstrate how a good welcome series can help you profile your customers. Without being too pushy, these emails make a good impression, inform their audience about the brand, allow multiple avenues to explore within the brand, and then provide an offer as an incentive to purchase. 

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Another great example from Emma comes from Atomic Reach, a company that provides marketers with data analytics and intelligence tools to target the right message to their audiences at the right time. Their series of onboarding emails are consistently lighthearted, clean-looking, and informative as customers progress throughout their 30-day trial.

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In the healthcare realm, we loved this next example so much we used it in a recent presentation we did at Nashville Post's Vitals Summit. Our Director of Marketing, Knight Stivender, visited Erlanger Medical Center's website to see how the hospital deploys a medical booking tool from the company ZocDoc. The subsequent customer onboarding and prompts were personalized and timely, encouraging her to stay on top of health aspects relevant to her age, gender and background, book appointments for her yearly medical exams, and find medical professionals in her area. 

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