5 Takeaways from Nashville Post's Vitals Healthcare Summit

Posted by Knight Stivender on Nov 21, 2016 4:17:32 PM
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We were thankful to be part of the Nashville Post's annual Vitals Healthcare Summit last week, which brought together 80 or so of the city's top healthcare experts in specialties ranging from technology to clinical care to business intelligence.

The Summit was an opportunity for the Post to launch its healthcare-themed fall magazine and to introduce five leaders in the field who delivered short presentations on a diversity of healthcare-related topics.

We've highlighted a bit from each speaker's session, including our CEO Jim Alcott.

Virsys12 CEO Tammy Hawes talked about innovation and technology integration in healthcare, noting that providers and vendors must be nimble and quick-to-market if their goal is to make the healthcare experience a positive one for patients. She offered an example to which many in the room could identify:



Chandra Osborn, VP of Health and Behavioral Informatics for OneDrop, explained how her company's mobile app is making it easier for patients with diabetes to track their blood glucose levels. Patient use of health and wellness apps is on the rise as the marketplace floods with options, but a new problem emerges as patients seek advice from physicians about which apps are best. Doctors and clinicians are reluctant to make a recommendation without data they can trust, Osborn explained. That's the key to success for companies like OneDrop and others as this field continues to expand.



Jim Alcott, CEO of Alcott Marketing Science, spoke to how folks on the business side of healthcare can leverage data to identify and communicate with patients in a way that is more useful, timely, and personalized. Tracking their interaction with a provider's mobile app or website, and keeping up with them through smart data management helps providers create a tailored patient experience, send timely reminders about treatment, make it easier to pay, etc. Alcott called this "listening" as opposed to simply "hearing". 



Damian Mingle, Chief Data Scientist for WPC Heathcare, expounded on the data theme, and talked about how healthcare companies need to move beyond Excel files and sticky notes to mine more complex insights from their robust patient data. Hire a data scientist to look for hidden patterns, he advised, but make sure you act on their suggestions.



Finally, Rusty Holman, Chief Medical Officer for Lifepoint and cover of this year's Vitals magazine, told a story about how community partnerships in a rural Arizona market worked to cut down on the number of readmissions to the hospital there. Community leaders learned that patients most at risk for readmission were more comfortable being attended to by a paramedic than they were a home-health provider. So the hospital began sending paramedics to check on recently released patients to see if they could improve on this number. It worked, providing that "low-tech and high-touch" is sometimes the best approach.


Thank you again to the Nashville Post for including us in the Vitals Healthcare Summit. For more information about the Summit, including a photo gallery, visit the Post website.

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