Happy Friday! Here's a peek behind the curtain from a good, solid week

Posted by Knight Stivender on Apr 15, 2016 9:37:17 AM
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Well, y'all, it's Friday and we hope you'll join us in a virtual toast to a well-earned weekend following a week of doing great work with people you respect and adore.

We certainly will, and because we enjoy peeking into other people's offices we thought we'd let you all do the same and give a little photo shout-out to some of the moments that made this week a good one here at Alcott Whitney.



MONDAY: First up this week - agency culture training with our new employees. A hearty welcome to Courtnay Hamacheck, our new operations director; Kelly Giedt, our new office manager; and Patrick Robinson, our new business development executive. 


TUESDAY: Knight Stivender, our marketing and business development director, gives a speech to 300 women business leaders at the Rutherford County CABLE breakfast meeting. She did a little practice in the hallway with project manager Katie Buntin. 


WEDNESDAY: A few of our young professionals attended the Williamson County Chamber's YP Lunch & Learn event. We are proud to help the Chamber as an agency partner! Pictured here are marketing specialist Rebecca Brown, Patrick and Katie.


THURSDAY: Our team huddles around the "arcade" section of our agency office to review account work and make sure everything is on track. Meanwhile, in one or our staff meetings, data specialist Jennifer Stone works on a knitting project while she keeps pace with her colleagues' updates. Creative director Ted McCoig works on a client's landing page design.


FRIDAY: CEO Jim Alcott works on a data project in his office. The sign behind his desk was from his grandfather's design agency. This work is Jim's happy place.


Lisa Lyon, our account director in our Portland, Ore. office, worked from home to watch this precious 9-month-old puppy, Rucker. We wish he could've hung out with us! 

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