How The Peach Truck grew from one truck to 48 states using digital insights

Posted by Knight Stivender on Jul 25, 2016 2:48:07 PM
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Now this looks divine, no? This grilled pork chop with peach agrodolce from Margot Cafe in East Nashville is one of many local restaurant dishes and home cook recipes to catch the eye of Stephen and Jessica Rose, owners of The Peach Truck.

The Peach Truck is one of the country's best examples of small and medium businesses using customer insights to grow business rapidly, and the Roses do it in part by including the great work of other businesses and fans like Margot.

By posting and sharing beautiful, luscious content; showcasing unique, well-tested recipes they've generated with a partner chef; promising to email "only when we have something to say"; and maintaining a consistent aesthetic, The Peach Truck has been able to grow its digital audience to more than 83,000 Facebook fans, 33,000 Instagram followers, and its email subscribers to more than 50,000 - all in less than four years.

roses.jpgI caught up with Stephen Rose for a bit this morning when we prepped for a conversation we'll be having about social media insights and customer data during the upcoming Red Letter Day conference on Aug. 5 at Lipscomb University. Sponsored by BrandwiseRed Letter Day will feature a series of diverse speakers and topics on marketing efforts designed to attract women - everything from advertising campaigns trumpeting feminism to research on celebrity endorsements to the effectiveness of email and sponsored content. (Details on the lineup and tickets are available here.)

The Peach Truck story is a great example of the content Red Letter Day will have to offer marketers, ad agencies, and business owners. I wanted to share a taste, if you will, of what Stephen and I will be talking about during his part of the event - especially the customer insights part since it relates so well to what we do at my own agency, Alcott Marketing Science. 

Even in the very beginning of their business, The Peach Truck did a fantastic job showcasing and extending its brand through the use of social media. That was partly out of necessity, Stephen will tell you, since the business did not yet have a website, an extensive partnership network, nor a tour of stops. But that "accidental genius" of the early days set the business up for a great opportunity to understand and leverage its audience for future growth. 

In 2014, Facebook formed a rotating Small and Medium Business Council as a way to advise businesses on how to use Facebook's advertising tools and, in return, collect better insights and case studies from the small business owners. Facebook executives invited the Roses to be part of the council.

Stephen says it was after becoming involved with Facebook that The Peach Truck began to truly rocket to the next level.

Before then, the team was targeting ads with attributes like "women over 35, interested in gardening and cooking, etc.," which worked okay but not nearly as well as - for example - as using The Peach Truck's email list to build a Facebook lookalike audience. Performance grew exponentially after making that one adjustment, Stephen said.

Growing the email list itself has been another story in audience insights and smart marketing, as has the company's efforts to hire and train great summer employees, build a well-segmented product portfolio, and figure out where and how to expand.

Hear directly from Stephen and learn the specifics behind The Peach Truck and other great Nashville marketing stories on Aug. 5. 

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