Six Ways to Know It’s Time to Hire a Marketing Agency. And Three That It's Not.

Posted by Rebecca Whitney on Sep 21, 2014 9:12:00 PM
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Working late again? Here are just six reasons why you may need to hire a team to help you. Whether you are a seasoned marketer or new to your role, find the right people to surround yourself with and magical things can happen. Oh, and there are also three reasons why you may not be ready. 

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#1: You are not hitting your goals

While you are clear on what you need to accomplish, your traditional marketing tactics aren’t helping you get there. Maybe they worked for some period of time but lately you’ve had trouble finding new customers who believe in what you are doing.

#2: You are short-staffed

You may have no staff or a staff of twenty but you are having trouble meeting your deadlines. It’s also a common occurrence that you forget to update key components of your site and materials.

#3: You are do not have a marketing background

You have a degree in Accounting, or Liberal Arts, or even Political Science. Your education didn’t bring you to this position, only your instinct did. Now, you’d like more people on your side that can round out what you know and drive new business.

#4: There’s a lot at stake

While marketing may be thought of as an overhead account, you know differently. An agency that considers your work top priority (and your cause aligned with their own) will work to find the key finding or the best technique to make all the difference in your marketing spend.

#5: You have 10 ideas but only one budget

Facebook, live events, models, inbound, skywriters, ride-along, and everything in between. A good agency will be considering ROI at every turn. And that is exactly what you need… someone to decipher the good, the bad and the ugly to make sense of how to spend your precious dollars.

#6: You realize there are many marketing trends but aren’t sure what applies to your work

StumbleUpon, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram – where should you be and why? What should you put into certain technologies and where should you focus on what traditionally works? An agency can provide insight and credibility to your data – showing the way to focus on what matters to your prospects and clients.

3 reasons why it's not quite time for a marketing agency:

  1. Status quo is great – you are hitting your numbers, maximizing your budget, seeing appropriate returns, and going home by 5 each day.
  2. You don’t worry – you have a team that has your back and is putting in the hours to make the latest dream a reality.
  3. You think of your marketing as widgets. You want to squeeze every penny out of your vendors and hope they deliver results.

Any one of these could be a good indication that you have everything covered. Hiring an agency, and especially a specialized one, isn't for everyone. But we love when we can help someone understand why measured marketing, ROI and control groups matter and how to make them work for them. 

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