2017's Top 5 Skills for Digital Marketing Success

Posted by Rebecca Brown on Feb 16, 2017 8:23:16 PM
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According to a recent article by MarketingProfs, the five most important digital marketing skills for 2017 are data analysis, basic HTML/CSS knowledge, marketing automation tool mastery, content marketing, and SEO.

As digital marketing continues to grow and evolve, it's important that you and your team can master these skills to execute your most successful digital campaigns this year. While you can make a new hire to fill in the gaps your team is lacking, partnering with an agency that specializes in one or more of these skills can also be a great way to relieve stress for your team and achieve the best results for your clients.  

1. Data Analysis 

This might be our favorite from the list because it's what we do best! Data analysis will help you understand what kind of people you are already attracting so you can identify your best customers and target your best prospects. This can be especially helpful in digital marketing because you can spend your money marketing directly to the people you know are statistically most likely to become customers, and avoid wasting money marketing to those who are not. (Check out our "Help for Marketers" guide for a step-by-step look at this process.) 

2. Basic HTML/CSS Knowledge 

MarketingProfs says that "having marketers on your team with basic coding skills will help your business present messages more clearly through visual design—an important part of digital marketing." We couldn't agree more. The programmers on our team are immensely helpful when creating email campaigns and landing pages. Not only do they help give these things a sleeker design, but they also help improve the user experience greatly, which is extremely important when your goal is to attract leads and close sales. 

3. Marketing Automation Tool Mastery 

We've discussed the importance of marketing automation many times (check out our earlier posts for set up tips and info on how to use it in customer onboarding), and we believe it will continue to become even more vital to your digital campaigns this year. When your team has solid knowledge on marketing automation and the right tools to use, you can save a significant amount of time and money. Whether you're leveraging specific event triggers, onboarding new customers, executing drip/nurture campaigns, or communicating consumer information, marketing automation is an extremely beneficial tool, especially for digital marketing.

4. Content Marketing

Creating high-quality content that your prospects and customers will find helpful has been a key marketing strategy for years, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon! When your digital team is composed of marketers with great writing skills, content marketing will drive traffic to your site and result in more leads.  

5. SEO

Search engine optimization will also grow in importance in 2017. In fact, MarketingProfs says "the importance of SEO skills for digital marketing professionals is expected to increase drastically in 2017 as search engines become smarter and their algorithms continue to undergo updates." A team skilled in SEO will be able to achieve higher search engine rankings so more people will find your web pages, which will allow you to capture more leads and sales. 

Could your digital team use some assistance in mastering any of these skills? Let's work together! 

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