Which Email Service Provider is Best for You?

Posted by Rebecca Brown January 27, 2017 04:31:00 PM


Email campaigns had an average ROI of 4,300% last year according to the Direct Marketing Association. With results like that, email should definitely have a place in your marketing plan.

The best way to create and run your email marketing campaigns is through an email service provider, or ESP. While these programs do come at a monthly cost, their capabilities make them more than worth it.

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The Family Business: Jim Alcott's Story

Posted by Jim Alcott January 10, 2017 10:51:00 AM

People often ask me how I got into this business, so I thought I'd share a little bit of my family's story and how it led to what Alcott Marketing Science has become today. 

My father was a graphic designer—back before the computer—when there were far fewer graphic designers, and folks needed an explanation of exactly what one was. His father was one as well, so while I’m not a designer myself, my work has been a continuation of my family’s involvement in the marketing and agency business. 

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Infographic: Our Year In Review

Posted by Rebecca Brown December 22, 2016 03:32:00 PM

It's hard to believe, but 2017 is just days away! As we reflect back on all that 2016 entailed, it's safe to say it's been a pretty exciting year for us. We rebranded our agency, expanded our team, and continued to help our clients grow their businesses through precise, data-driven marketing campaigns. 

Since we are keen on measurement and have an affinity for numbers, we compiled an end-of-year report detailing some of our accomplishments and all that's been going on in our office in 2016. Check out our year in review! 

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What will a good account manager bring to the table?

Posted by Rebecca Brown December 06, 2016 09:38:00 AM


When you're working with an agency, a great account manager is the key to successful projects and a happy relationship. Throughout each step of a project, an account manager will act as the liaison between you and their internal agency team, functioning as an extension of your own team. 

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3 Components of Data Analysis to Drive Smart Marketing

Posted by Rebecca Brown November 10, 2016 04:29:00 PM


More than 85% of marketers say they rely on data to do their jobs well. That's because data analysis enables marketers to make smarter decisions and prove an ROI on their campaigns. Here are three components of data analysis we believe every marketing campaign should employ to achieve data-driven success. 

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The Correlation Between Marketing Investment and Results

Posted by Mark Gibson September 27, 2016 11:39:00 AM

If you are like most CMOs, your organization has a myriad of objectives next year, all of which require marketing programs and dollars. And most organizations won’t allocate sufficient marketing resources to effectively accomplish those objectives. How can you escape this conundrum?  

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What's the most-used marketing technology today? Analytics.

Posted by Rebecca Brown August 30, 2016 09:22:00 AM

According to a recent study, analytics is the most-used marketing technology among today's professionals. And there are some pretty impressive statistics to back that up. 

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The Seven Imperatives for Marketing Planning in 2017

Posted by Mark Gibson August 16, 2016 03:08:00 PM


With over half of 2016 behind us, we have now entered planning season. Have you started thinking about your goals for next year? As you begin to piece together your next marketing plan, here are seven key imperatives to keep in mind for 2017: 

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How The Peach Truck grew from one truck to 48 states using digital insights

Posted by Knight Stivender July 25, 2016 02:48:00 PM

Now this looks divine, no? This grilled pork chop with peach agrodolce from Margot Cafe in East Nashville is one of many local restaurant dishes and home cook recipes to catch the eye of Stephen and Jessica Rose, owners of The Peach Truck.

The Peach Truck is one of the country's best examples of small and medium businesses using customer insights to grow business rapidly, and the Roses do it in part by including the great work of other businesses and fans like Margot.

By posting and sharing beautiful, luscious content; showcasing unique, well-tested recipes they've generated with a partner chef; promising to email "only when we have something to say"; and maintaining a consistent aesthetic, The Peach Truck has been able to grow its digital audience to more than 83,000 Facebook fans, 33,000 Instagram followers, and its email subscribers to more than 50,000 - all in less than four years.

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Alcott CEO to speak at Nashville Analytics Summit

Posted by Rebecca Brown July 22, 2016 09:35:00 AM


Jim Alcott, founder and CEO of Alcott Marketing Science, has been named as a guest speaker for the Nashville Analytics Summit hosted by the Nashvile Technology Council.

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