What's the most-used marketing technology today? Analytics.

Posted by Rebecca Brown on Aug 30, 2016 9:22:28 AM
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According to a recent study, analytics is the most-used marketing technology among today's professionals. And there are some pretty impressive statistics to back that up. 


Clutch and R2integrated surveyed marketers from companies with 500 or more employees on their use of marketing technology software. They found that 75% use marketing analytics tools - making analytics the most popular marketing tool among respondents.  

Seperate research from Regalix found that 60% of B2B marketers attributed sales increases of 11%-50% to marketing analytics, as it allows them to make better decisions on marketing spending and discover the marketing channels that offer the highest return.

So what does this mean?

These findings not only prove that analytics is the most commonly utilized marketing technology today, but that it's crucial for marketers to become tech savvy enough to use the proper tools to benefit from it. This technology can allow marketers to improve the execution of email and direct campaigns, provide them with predictive analytics to improve their business and better understand their customers, and address their biggest challenges. 

For more details on the importance of marketing technology and the findings of the study, check out this article

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