Why You May Need A Specialty Agency

Posted by Rebecca Whitney on Sep 24, 2014 12:20:00 AM
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Most marketing agencies are generalists. We mean that in a good way.They are amazing at generating buzz or even proving ROI for unique and previously unmeasurable tactics.

But the marketing map is more complex than most agencies can appropriately cover.

  • What happens when your number of new customers starts declining – or you need them to increase quickly? 
  • Or when you realize that you have multiple data sources that need to be linked to create a universal profile of your prospects and customers so you can better engage them using personalization?
  • What happens when you are spending money on marketing but not understanding the ROI for those tactics? How do you know what you’re making for each dollar spent? (hint: it should do far more than pay for itself)
  • Or when those new patients don’t return or when account holders don’t stay?
  • What happens when you realize that there are so many marketing tactics possible but only so much budget available?

A specialty agency is like a specialist doctor

Stepping away from marketing for a moment... let’s say you have a serious health issue or, better, you want to be a star athlete. 

While you will still have a doctor that you see regularly for keeping an eye on vitals, or helping you to be healthier, you’ll need to spend quite a bit of time with someone that has had training and experience with the things that matter most to you now. Someone that knows how to help you be healthier than ever.

You would search for the best heart doctor or a great sports trainer. You can ask your general doctor for advice but they will be quickly stretched to the end of their expertise. A great doctor will know when they’ve reached this and will refer you to the right specialist for the job. 

We do this when we know the problem requires a PR solution, or when an entirely new website needs to be designed, or when a brand requires an overhaul. We find the right agency specialist for the job and work as closely as needed on behalf of our client. When you’ve hired an agency for something they are great at, be sure you find the right specialist when needed.

We’re brought in to help with CRM, lead nurturing, customer analytics, data connections, email, direct mail, and other work that requires someone with many years of experience and certifications. Have those needs? Or not getting the marketing results you want? Our proven process may be just the scrip you need. If our specialities aren't what you need, we're sure to know someone great for what ails you. 

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